Spring Cleaning is Right Around the Corner: 3 Reasons to Remove the Old & Bring in the New

In colder climates, the winter season is coming to an end in a little over 1 month. As the outdoors begin blooming with life, your household can do the same! Begin planning your spring cleaning agenda to remove the stagnant, stale energy from your life and breathe fresh air into your environment. Here are 3 reasons to remove the old and bring in the new this upcoming season.

3 reasons spring cleaning will help your lifestyle, holistic benefits padstyle.com
3 Reasons Spring Cleaning Helps Your Lifestyle

Care about your environment by uncluttering it

Take a tip from wildlife and recognize its need for safe, comfortable and cozy environments. Human beings are not much different. Too much clutter can create an unsuitable living space full of lifeless, stale and worn objects. It might be unsettling to think about, but dirt, grime and even critters love hiding in messy environments. You are also breathing in the dust, mold and pollutants gathering on, around and underneath those unnoticed objects. If a bit of debris doesn’t bother you, remember – once you get rid of all the things you don’t want, never use, or take up too much space – it gives you plenty of room to buy lovely brand new things to fill it with!

Clearer space, clearer mind

You don’t have to be a yogi to understand the concept of projection. We are visual beings who reflect and project onto our environments. In part, they do the same to us. It is no surprise some of the most impoverished and unsound areas can have the highest crime rates. This being said, a clearer living space is essential to a better state of mind. Having our thoughts boggled down by useless thoughts, some of which might contain unhelpful memories or menial purposes, deserve to go in the gutter. Clearing your space doesn’t mean you have to go completely minimal, nor does it mean it will stop pointless thoughts from entering your mental sphere. However, it will reduce the need to buy the same thing you misplaced “somewhere around here,” and it will help you remember where everything is to give your mind the room needed for more important matters.

Familiarity can become a breeding ground for contempt

Maybe the word “contempt” is a tad harsh. We don’t always change the paint color of our walls or the dishware in our cupboards because it is chipping or worn. We do it because we like to change our surroundings. We don’t change homes every couple of years, we change how our homes look. When we clean up and clean out our homes of useless junk and unnecessary items, we have more flexibility to change the way it looks from our ceilings to our floors. We have the luxury of changing our environments appearance whenever we want! The start of the spring season is the perfect time to begin our homes transformation.

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