Top 25 Fashion & Style Blogs

OVER 100 FASHION AND STYLE BLOGS were considered for inclusion in the Top 25 list. Below are the ones that made the cut so whether you’re here as a blogging veteran or looking for inspiration for your new blog after looking at the 6 stages to starting a blog, we hope you like our final picks. There is so much that you can do when it comes to setting up a blog. For example, there are things like getting the right web host provider (such as HostiServer) to help you with your blog, but there are many other things that you can do. Let us know in the comments section which ones you love, which you hate, and which were overlooked.


Self-described as “fashion inspiration from real people around the world,” Lookbook is more than a blog, it’s a social network of Fashionistas who regularly submit images of everyday people (often themselves) in fashionable outfits. With more than 725,000 registered members, Lookbook utilizes a voting system to rank user-submitted looks via a “Hype” button (similar to Facebook’s “Like”), allowing popular looks to be featured more prominently. With an emphasis on “Street Style,” Lookbook’s audience is predominantly female (80%) and influential, with 50% of members running their own blog or website. They also sometime do some high fashion that includes some really regal watches, if you want to find out more about some high quality watches click to read here. But I digress. Top Contributors Include:

2. The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is the blog of Scott Schuman, former writer for GQ, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, and Interview. A photographer as well as a writer, The Sartorialist features daily images of fashion on the streets and runways of the world’s fashion capitals: Milan, Florence, New York, London, among others. Itself an example of a simple aesthetic meant to highlight the content, The Sartorialist focuses more on the beautiful imagery and less on the words. After all, a picture does speak for itself. Popular Posts Include:

3. hypebeast

Were you to miss the last several eons of human history and read its “About” page, you’d think Hypebeast was singlehandedly responsible for getting humans out of animal skins. Phrases like “The impact of Hypebeast has been paramount in constructing today’s outlook on lifestyle” notwithstanding, Hypebeast is a premier Culture blog with a focus on all things Fashion, Arts, Design and Music. Decidedly male in perspective, Hypebeast’s audience varies from sneakerheads, to gamers and techies, among others. Popular Posts Include:

4. Honestly, WTF?

Owned by Erica & Lauren, a stylist and a designer, respectively, “Honestly WTF?” is all about the extraordinary things that blow their mind or make them say, “Honestly. WTF?” The site offers daily musings on style and fashion and features posts on various subjects, including do-it-yourself projects, art, and travel. Popular Posts Include:

5. Atlantic – Pacific

The blog of Blair Eadie, a self-described “east coast girl currently loving California life,” Atlantic – Pacific could best be described as the style musings of an East Coast transplant, in pictorial format, that is. By day a merchant for a major specialty retailer, Blair credits her day job for her daily inspiration. Popular Posts Include:

6. Oh, Joy!

Founded by Joy Deangdeelert Cho, a graphic designer, Oh Joy! primarily focuses on visual collections of things Joy enjoys most. A published author of Creative, Inc. and, most recently, Blog, Inc., Joy launched Oh Joy! in 2005 to write about her three favorite pastimes (besides being a mommy): design, fashion and food. Unlike many of the blogs on this list, Joy does a fair amount of writing about the beautiful images she posts. Readers rejoice! Popular Posts Include:

7. Cupcakes & Cashmere

Two guesses as to the focus of this blog. Although you’d be forgiven for answering “cupcakes and cashmere,” the answer is actually fashion and food. Founded by Emily Schuman in 2008, the blog documents the things that Emily finds inspiring. Popular in large part for her simple but effective tutorials ranging from how to make a braided bun to how to apply dewy makeup, Cupcakes and Cashmere is at once accessible and insightful. Popular Posts Include:

8. Japanese Streets

Not to be outdone by Cupcakes and Cashmere, Japanese Streets takes the prize for most explanatory blog name. Focused on the street fashion of Tokyo and Osaka, Japanese Streets was started in 2002 by photo-journalist Kjeld Duits. With over 30,000 photos, readers will be hard-pressed to run out of content on this blog. For those seeking to replicate the looks without copying them exactly, Japanese Streets offers a color palette associated with each outfit — a handy little tool indeed. Popular Posts Include:

9. Chictopia

Similar in scope to, Chictopia is an online community of fashion lovers. Boasting a membership of over 250,000, Chictopia plays host to daily street-style postings from its thousands of members. Featuring a voting system that allows members to upvote looks they like, Chictopia is best described as the Facebook of fashion. Founded by Berkeley grads Helen Zhu and Corinne Chan in 2008, Chictopia has quickly become the premier online fashion communitiy. Popular Posts Include:

10. Hel Looks

Created by Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen, Hel Looks is a street style blog from Helsinki, Finland. Started in 2005, each post features a photo of a single model alongside his or her name and age as well as a brief description of the outfit. More so an impartial chronicle of Helsinki street style than an opinionated blog on what to wear, Hel Looks’ simple layout and format is reflected in the styles it reflects. Popular Posts Include:

11. Nerd Boyfriend

Roxana Altamirano loves nerds. And not just any nerds. She loves nerdy male celebrities. From Richard Dreyfuss, to Andy Griffith, to Michael Douglas and countless others, Ms. Altamirano posts a still of the actor in a movie scene or on the set of a movie and then features a list of the items one would need to recreate the look. If you’ve always wanted to dress up like Samuel L. Jackson in Do The Right Thing but could never quite find the right Hawaiian shirt, then this is the blog for you. Popular Posts Include:

12. Advanced Style

Let there be no confusion. The “Advanced” in “Advanced Style” does not reference one’s position on the style totem pole. “Advanced Style’s” euphemistic title is actually meant to refer to the style of people of advanced age (i.e. the elderly). Rather lovingly photographed and described by Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Style captures both the styles and perspectives of our elders, providing further proof that there’s always something we could learn from our elders. Popular Posts Include:

13. She Finds

Is work getting in the way of your shopping habit? Think of SheFinds as the personal shopping concierge for the busy professional woman. SheFinds researches new trends and presents them in shopping guides so the time-starved can focus on what’s important, but look good doing it. Not only does SheFinds tell you what to wear, they tell you where to get it. Just don’t forget to put it on one leg at a time. A blog can’t help you with that. Popular Posts Include:

14. Ann Street Studio

Although now going by a much less emotive name, Ann Street Studio began in 2009 as “From Me To You.” The blog of Jamie Beck and husband and partner Kevin Burg, From Me To You combines it’s authors’ childhood interests of photography and playing dress up. What separates this blog from others, besides the amazing still photography, are the photos that are not so still. Named “Cinemagraphs” by its originators, it was best described by supermodel Coco Rocha as “More than a photo but not quite a video.” Popular Posts Include:

15. P.S. I Made This

Inspired by the author’s motto (“I see it. I like it. I made it.”), P.S.- I made this… is part do it yourself blog, part fashion blog. Written by Erica Domesek, a New York City style expert, the blog features a “Designer DIY” section that encourages readers to follow in the author’s footsteps and make the things they see and like. The DYI projects range from how-tos on ruffled shirts, knit scarfs, gold necklaces and gemstone earings. The easy step-by-step instructions are likely to turn even the most craft-challenged into top Etsy retailers in little time. Popular Posts Include:

16. Fashion Toast

Fashion Toast was started in 2008 after Rumi Neely realized that her passion for reading fashion blogs could easily be channeled to writing. Initially meant to capture fashion trends, Fashion Toast soon became a personal style archive. Influenced by California’s beachy, casual style, Rumi’s style is best described as pawnshop meets Madison Avenue. At once bohemian, grunge and feminine, Rumi is a master of mixing high end and low end pieces to create a look that is unique her own. Popular Looks Include:

17. Fab Sugar

Started in 2005 by Lisa and husband Brian Sugar as a hobby, Sugar Inc., Fab Sugar’s parent company, is now a venture capital-backed new media company and blog network with a 190-person staff and over 20 million visitors a month. Initially focused on celebrity fashion, Fab Sugar differed from it’s celebrity-driven competitors by putting a fun, positive spin on a well-tread subject. Having since expanded to include general fashion and shopping tips, Fab Sugar is a fashionista’s guide to all things trendy. Popular Posts Include:

18. Another Mag

AnOther Mag was launched in 2009 as a companion to print publications AnOther Magazine and Another Man. Featuring all things fashion, art and culture (for both men and women), Another Mag is split into 4 sections: Loves (Beautiful things to love and love to share); Current (Columns on fashion, culture and ideas); Reader (A daily edit of favorite blogs); and Exclusive (Monthly online exclusive fashion films and features). Staffed by a team of international contributors, AnOther Mag echoes some of its print characteristics with its beautiful photography and feature-length pieces. Popular Posts Include:

19. Facehunter

Facehunter is an internationally acclaimed street fashion blog written by Yvan Rodic. A writer with a natural eye for photography, Rodic began posting his street style pictorials online in 2006. Featuring the tag line “eye candy for the style hungry,” Rodic’s subjects are often a combination of personality, charisma, madness and creativity. Less about fashion and more about style, Rodic attempts to showcase the amazing personalities he photographs in every post. Popular Posts Include:

20. Street Etiquette

Not many fashion blogs have a male perspective. Fewer still have an urban male perspective. Founded in 2008 by Mount Vernon, NY natives Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi, Street Etiquette provides an alternative to the baggy pants, jerseys and white tees aesthetic prevalent in urban style. Measured on its aesthetic alone, Street Etiquette has a unique and bold voice. Viewed from the perspective of the often monolithic urban style culture, it is even more impressive for pushing the boundaries of urban male style. Popular Posts Include:

21. Temptalia

Based on it’s mission statement that “Every person deserves to feel beautiful,” Temptalia is a makeup and cosmetics blog that believes that with the proper foundation, anyone can. Founded in 2006 by Christine Mielke, it features makeup recommendations, how-to tutorials and product reviews meant to help the average woman make sense of the limitless shades of bronzer. Popular Posts Include:

22. Nice Kicks

In a class all its own, Nice Kicks is the premier sneakerhead blog. Founded by Matt Halfhill in 2006 to serve as the go to resource for the latest and greatest news on kicks (i.e. sneakers), Nice Kicks features daily postings on the newest kicks as well as information on who’s rocking (i.e. wearing) them. Nuff said. Popular Posts Include:

23. This Is Glamorous

Founded by Roseline Lohr, This Is Glamorous is a blog about inspirational design in all its forms, including fashion, interiors, photography and art. Self-described as “adventures in love and the daily search of beautiful things,” This Is Glamorous is life as seen through the perspective of an incurable romantic with impeccable style. With it’s How To’s and inspiration boards, This Is Glamorous is a daily place of inspiration for thousands of visitors across the world. Popular Posts Include:

24. The Impossible Cool

The Impossible Cool is an archive of all of the impossibly cool style mavens that have come and gone. Featuring such icons as Katherine Hepburn, Jon Hamm, Christopher Walken and even Martin Luther King, Jr., The Impossible Cool is short on words and long on classic photography. Cool really can’t be described, so why try? Popular Posts Include:

25. the style rookie

Although numerically last on the list of Top 25, this one, a style blog for teenage girls, takes the cake. Written by 16-year old Tavi Gevinson, The Style Rookie was started in 2008 (when Gevinson was 11!) as a creative outlet. An archive of the “things I like,” this blog is likely the most prosaic of any on the list. Originally featuring outfits sourced from local thrift stores, The Style Rookie has attained such a large following that fashion brands ensure Gevinson no longer has to to dig through unorganized thrift store racks (but she still does!). Popular Posts Include:


honorable mentions

26. Show Studio

27. Man Repeller

28. Refinery 29

29. The Cherry Blossom Girl

30. Copenhagen Cycle Chic

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