Rattan Furniture in Modern Designs for the Rustic Habitué

Rattan furniture has been a little secret in the interior design world until recently gaining in popularity due to newer modern designs coming onto the scene. Some people have confused rattan and wicker furniture as being two different things, but in fact, rattan is a natural material used to make wicker furniture. Wicker is process and style of weaving. Some furniture stores sell wicker furniture, but it is made from synthetic materials, not from natural materials.

True rattan furniture can be called “real cane” furniture and is sourced directly from the rattan plant. Rattan comes from a type of palm plant that has thin pliable stems woven together to make sturdy, durable and attractive furnishings. Wicker furniture gained popularity in the 1970s, especially when social garden parties started to take off. Today, many design enthusiasts are bringing it back, using rattan wicker furniture inside of their homes, instead of outdoors. Its actually important to note that furniture made from real cane must be treated and protected if placed outdoors, in direct sunlight, high heat and other environmental factors.

Genuine rattan is being used as both functional components and as accents on many of the new wicker furniture designs being sold. Rattan brings an earthy and rustic feel to the ambience in a home. More importantly, the entirety of the designs are not entirely rustic, some have painted wood and metal frames, for a more contemporary look and style to your rooms design.

The cost of real rattan furniture can be pricey. This is largely because of the traditional woven process and the fact that most authentic rattan wicker furniture is wild-harvested. Sometimes people want to go for the synthetic stuff because it looks the same, but fans of true rustic design will say its the equivalent of getting a fake houseplant to make your space appear natural and down-to-earth. In less words, fake wicker rattan furniture is considered to be tacky.

There are finally more options for cane rattan furniture, from living room coffee tables and kitchen stools to bedroom nightstands and home office desks. Be sure to inquire about the furniture before purchasing and review its description and features to know if you are getting an authentic rattan woven design or an overly priced imitation.

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