No Green Thumb? Biophilic Design Company Created Planters for Purple Thumb Gardeners

Not the best plant caretaker? Greenery Unlimited is a company specializing in biophilic design. Having live plants is wonderful for the air in your home and the overall aesthetic. But if we can’t keep them alive, then why bother? Fortunately, their new collection of planters and pots are designed to help your plants flourish and thrive, whether or not you know how to keep them alive.

Greenery Unlimited sells collection of biophilic design planters and pots for easy care |
Greenery Unlimited sells collection of biophilic design planters and pots for easy care

All of their planters, tools and other accoutrements are designed to make plant care easier. Similar to fundamentals of biophilic design, many of these planters require little work on your part. Some come with their own sub-irrigation systems, while others can actually water themselves. Other accessories include brass soil probes and fiberglass saucers.

One of the main problems purple thumb gardeners have is the over-care or under-care of their plants. Purple thumbers become so desperate to keep their plants alive, they are never recognizing many plants don’t need to be cared for like a pet or a child would (feed me everyday, please!). Most plants do not need to be watered everyday, and oftentimes if we forget to water our plants – we give them a bucket full of water, drowning them out until the next time we remember!

The Greenery Unlimited collection is made to help with these purple thumb problems. You’ll have the illusion of a green thumb in no time! Honestly, it beats not having any fresh, real plants around your home. They also come in contemporary and modern spherical styles for not only a touch of natural greenery, but also a good touch of pad style as well!

Check out Greenery Unlimited for their latest biophilic inspired indoor and outdoor planter designs and accessories.

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