Month of August 2020: Retro Trends Coming Back in Style

For the month of August 2020, we are taking a look at some of the coolest retro trends making waves in contemporary culture through art, cars and fashion.

Janis Joplin's Porsche returning to Gilmore Car Museum -

Custom Funky Color and Designs on Cars

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, this trend was popular especially among famous musicians of the time. Some of these artists include the late great singer-songwriter, Janis Joplin and her psychedelic Porsche and John Lennon’s Groovy Phantom V. We see this ultra-rad, retro car trend coming back from professional airbrush to spray painted designs.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Believe it or not, wire wrapped jewelry is soooo retro this handmade jewelry design dates as far back as 1446 BC. Traces of wire wrapped jewelry can be found in tombs and burial grounds from Ancient Egypt. Wire wrapping requires no soldering. It can be done using a few simple tools to cut the wire and fold the wire using a set of pliers. Today, this retro trend is making a serious comeback, especially for those who love handmade and custom jewelry. Intricate and detailed wire wrapping can be made using only the wire or using a gemstone, pendant or beads to create different designs.

Guayabera, Camp Collar, Cuban Collared Shirts

If you wanna be cool, calm and comfortable – try rocking a Cuban collared shirt. This free-flowing style dates back to the 18th century in South America. It became popular in the U.S. and around the world in the 1950s and then again, in the 1990s. This type of collared shirt can easily be worn by all genders, but it was worn mostly by men when it became popular. The shirt is a variation on a more formal collared shirt. This style of shirt can be called synonymously, guayabera (Mexico), camp collar or cuban collar shirt. Cuban collared shirt have distinct short sleeves and a loose pointed collar. Its relaxed look and straight hemline is perfect for the summer season or in hot climates. Typically, the camp collar shirt is made of lightweight and loose fitted materials like rayon or linen.

Cornrow with Loose Braided Design Hair

Hair braids have been around since the dawn of time, dating back over 5000 years in regions of Africa. The braid continued its journey extending its reach to nearly every part of the world. This incredibly retro trend became popular again in the 1990s. Today it is making a serious comeback using a combination of styles. The most unique braided style can be seen across races and cultures using a combination of cornrows with different styles of loose braids. Cornrows are tightly separated braided designs close to the scalp. This fun hairstyle can be seen worn by celebrities and artists to doctors and lawyers.

Fat Bike Tires

Fat Biking Benefits - Why You Should Start in 2020 | Bike Smarts

Fat tires on bikes were originally designed for riding bikes in terrain such as snow, sand and mud. The exact origins are unknown but the first mass produced version of a fat tire bike was created in the 1980s. However, there are images of a similar style bike dating back to the early 1990s. Fat tires on bikes are made for off-roading or to be used on mud, snow, sand and bogs. These bikes have large, oversized and thick tires. At first glance, they look a tad clownish. However, they served an important function when first created. Today, many people who enjoy outdoor exercise and cycling in all kinds of weather, use these bikes on roads, during snowstorms and as beginner bikes for cyclist off-roading. It is still scientifically unclear if fatter tires will help you lose weight more than a traditional road bike, especially when never used on any terrain other than roadways, but we see them everywhere, anyway!

These August 2020 retro trends are making a comeback! We love the way they shake, rattle and roll as the summer months transition into the start of the school year!

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