Modular & Portable Birch Plywood Table with 2 Stools for Easy Dining Anywhere

Sunset park dates, lake fishing retreats or simply an easy setup to get off your feet for awhile, this modular and portable plywood table is a solution for the minimal, all-in-one kind of person. The Spritz is designed by Filippo Mambretti.

The Spritz Modular Box for Portable Dining
The Spritz Modular Box for Portable Dining

At first glance, it looks like a simple wooden box with some resemblance to a wine box. This of course was intentional. The name of this new modular furniture design, Spritz, comes from the word “spritzen.” Familiar with wine spritzers? The story goes, spritzen was the word used by Austrian occupying the Lombardy-Venetian regions between the 18th and 19th centuries. It is said, the soldiers were unfamiliar with the taste of the wine in the area. They thought it was too strong. To help the taste of the wine, the soldiers would dilute their drinks with sparkling water. From here, the first spritz aperitif came to be. Once it became more popular, the soldiers would order their diluted wine by asking for a “spritzen.” If you visit Italy today, you can order your wine spritzer by asking in the same way.

You might thinking, why don’t I just grab an old wood wine box and sit on it? Well, the inspiration for the design extends beyond its aesthetics. It is made from 100% solid birch plywood. It is compact, modular, and multi-functional. When taken apart, it can transform into a low-profile table with 2 supportive stools for sitting. Other configurations include different types of tables and single seats with even more base support. The box itself is a rectangular shape with a wood pole extending through the middle of it. Once you pull out the pole, the design is a series of stacked wood forms capable of being folded and placed into a variety of positions.

It is a very clever design! Imagine the look on your dates face when you meet him or her to watch the sunset at a scenic park carrying a wood box. Did they bring an entire case of wine? Nope! They will be awed when you restructure a plain wooden box into a 2 seater with mini table set up. Now you both can sit down and relax while enjoying a glass of wine together, nibble on some light snacks and keep your backends from getting dirty on the grass below.

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