Mid-Century Modern Concrete Architecture Home with Integrated Lap Pool

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Everyone wants a pool, am I right!? Well, architects at Aristides Dallas Architects did it differently. They integrated a lap pool into a rather rustic landscape in both a mid-century modern and brutalist architectural style. The house is located on Tinos Island, Greece.

Minimalism at the forefront of the design, the house from an aerial view showcases a protruding lap pool, seemingly the horizontal version of an obelisk towards the sky. With the concept of rock and air, this lap pool combines 3 elements, soil, air and water.

The entirety of the home has it’s own private quarters, compartmentalized and structured. The real eye-catching feature is the lap pool like a stagnant river ready to be swam in. The lap pool and the home are both made of concrete, a characteristic of the brutalist architecture.

The flat roof, 1-2 floors and geometric symmetry of the structure is in a mid-century modern fashion. The lap pool adapts to the topography of the landscape, another feature of excellent architectural design. The balance between sectioned privacy and embracing of the natural outdoor landscape is shown throughout the residence. Another 3 very important and distinctive features in mid-century modern architecture.

The rural and rugged landscape contrasts beautifully with the structural form of the building, making it a true vision amongst the natural chaos. The lap pool is linear, elongated and definitive. Unlike many of the more natural looking pools built into homes today, in order to bring a sense of nature onto the property, this residence does the exact opposite.

The rocky environment, dry, chaotic and even isolate from the modern world, brings order and fluidity simultaneously to the property. The lap pool also divides the residence into 2 parts, creating further distinction between the spaces.

Perfectly equal, contrasting, yet complementary and even exotic, this home welcomes single slabs of concrete, flowing waters and structured division into the elements of its design.

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