Futuristic Sculptural 4-Piece Indoor & Outdoor Furniture Collection Inspired by 1980s Sci-Fi Novel

Futuristic, sculptural, retro-modernist style. This new collection of indoor and outdoor furniture by LAUN takes inspiration from Octavia Butler’s science fiction novel “Dawn” from the 1980s. Its a cult classic favored by sci-fi enthusiasts all around the world.

LAUN Collection Butler Table and Octavia Lounge Chair Inspired by sci-fi novel "Dawn" | padstyle.com
LAUN Collection Butler Table and Octavia Lounge Chair Inspired by sci-fi novel “Dawn”

They are bold designs emphasizing rounded edges and curvature found in many futuristic space age motifs in television, films, comic books and novels. The names of the pieces directly connect with the novel, such as, the Octavia Lounge Chair and the Butler Tables.

The collection currently consists of 4 pieces in total. Designers take a tip from legendary Scandinavian, French and American mid-century modern designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Jean Royère, Charles & Ray Eames. In fact, Jean Royère created an armchair prototype in the 1950s that is not completely identical but a very close replica to the Octavia Lounge Chair. It comes in experimental materials from this era, with your choice of aluminum or fiberglass casting.

“The pieces in this collection are some of our most bold to date. The strangeness and pause of the past few years gave us the freedom to think in a different way, to push ourselves creatively and play with the possibilities of color, scale, and materiality…With the launch of Dawn, we are excited to showcase a more experimental side of the studio.” says Molly Purnell, Founder of Los Angeles Design Studio, LAUN.

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