3 Benefits of Minimalism in Interior Design

Design aficionado will know that minimalism is a growing trend among modern interior designers. But why is minimalism so popular? For those who might be unfamiliar with the term, minimalism is a design concept that strips things down to their bare essentials – a chair will just be a chair, not a chair/cup holder/sculpture. Minimalism seeks to bring out the core of our interiors, enhancing their functionality while minimizing the unnecessary details and flourishes.

Some people have argued that along with stripping design of its “extras”, minimalism also strips it of its style. Without the little details that makes every piece unique, how can you create an inviting, beautiful space? We’re here to tell you that minimalism can achieve just this, if the right balance is achieved. Here are three benefits of minimalism that we think you’ll love, even if you only incorporate it into one room or add minimalist elements slowly to your home.

  1. Reduced clutter and more peace of mind. Minimalism is all about trimming the fat of the often excessive modern design trends. A fully minimalist room will naturally be clutter-free, as clutter is hidden by chunky cabinets and concealed closets. Along with less clutter, a minimalist room will give you a subtle peace of mind, as you survey complete Zen in your surroundings.
  2. Minimalism is money-saving. Depending on how you incorporate minimalism into your home, you can save hundreds of dollars on the little accent pieces that you don’t buy. No more throws, pillows, or wall art that you love and then leave a few weeks later.
  3. Simply space. Minimalism will free up the space in your home, making it look larger and more inviting. You’ll love walking into your living room and taking a sweeping look across a wide-open space.

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