Zhuhai Opera House in China with Dramatic Interior & Exterior Design

Opera house, Zhuhai, is an eclectic design with a lightweight, yet dynamic structure designed by Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD). The opera house sits on the shores of Zhuhai Island in China. The massive venue resembles two large seashells blending with the environment while maintaining the theme of sea and sky. The two curved structures spread along the coastal plane. 

From another angle and during the evening, the venue pays tribute to the receding tides and resembles the many faces of the moon.

The Zhuhai Opera House features a 1,550-seat opera house in it’s larger venue and a 550 seat multi-purpose theater in the other. They are connected by 350-seat outdoor theater. Upon entering the opera house, visitors encounter a futuristic interior with natural elements such as sunlight during the day and moonlight at night, creating a dazzling display when combined with the dramatic theater lights.

While seated, visitors can see glimpses of the surroundings and sea rising from the first floor foyer.

In order to maximize the experience for all theater-goers, no matter where they are seated, the layout uses an axis-symmetrical pattern and a horse-shoe shaped design. Although architectects used the latest three-dimensional technology for their creation, they kept many of the traditional aspects of an opera house such as the balcony, auditorium and orchestra pit.