Windmill SMART, Eco-Friendly & Contemporary Window AC Unit

It is not talked about very often, (especially from those lucky ducks with central AC!), but window air conditioning units deserve a serious makeover. Most are heavy, loud and never seem to fit into the window properly. Fortunately, developers at Windmill recently released a new window AC with an appealing retro contemporary style and a more efficient design.

Windmill Window AC unit contemporary ac unit small spaces
Windmill Window AC

The Windmill Window AC features rounded edges in an ultra sleek, minimalist white color. Its unique, vintage-inspired shape combined with its front grate, where the cool air blows from, vaguely resembles an old-school tuner radio from the 1950s and 1960s. We are happy to say it doesn’t work like a radio made from back when though!

Windmill led and voice activated smart window AC
Windmill Window AC

This is a SMART window AC unit. It comes with an auto-dimming LED display, app control and voice control. Even with its 3 fan speeds and 3 cooling settings, it stays exceptionally quiet. Its actual on-unit buttons are simple and perfectly blend into the AC’s facade.

Another cool feature (no pun intended!) is its eco-friendly design. It has an antimicrobial-protected mesh filter and a free activated carbon filter. It is easy to install and double-insulating side panels are provided. Plus, it is capable of cooling an area up to 350 square feet. Now, we can all live happily in Brooklyn, even during the summer months!

All joking aside, an attractive, techy and eco-friendly window AC unit is hard to come by. It might be a good option to try before you decide to put in that costly central AC hookup.