Why Autumn is the Best Season to Create Natural Home Decor

Dried and preserved fall florals and foliage makes it easy to never have a natural home accent wilt or die. In spring and summer, we are changing out the decor everytime the flowers begin to look shabby. In autumn, the shabbier the chicer. Create centerpieces, mantel accents and homemade wreaths.

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Where to begin?

We could look in our backyards to find the things we need to create rustic autumn accents. To preserve them, simply spray with hairspray or a transparent finishing spray from a local craft store or hardware store. If our backyard is bare this season, we can always order our rustic accents from a homegoods store.

Decide what we want to craft.

For centerpieces and fall floral arrangements, choose a vase from your natural accents. Be sure to get chicken wire that will fit into the vase. If the vase is transparent, stuff it with some dried grass or twine. Next, add your chicken wire to keep the accents upright and in place.

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If you want to steer away from traditional floral arrangement and centerpieces, grab a wicker basket and gently place your natural accents inside. Have them slightly poking out from one side of the basket.

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For front door designs, choose a few natural accents and a few pieces of decorative dried corn. Wrap tightly with a ribbon or several times with some twine. Leave a loop to hang with a nail on your front door, mailbox or on a post outside.

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Admire our crafted creation.

Now that we’ve made our autumn decor, we can sit back and admire it for the remainder of the season. Fall designs last! This is why we can keep the same centerpiece and mantel decor well into the winter months. It really is the best time of year to begin crafting homemade DIY decor!