Whimsical Bedroom Interior Design

Somewhere between fairy tale castle and magical twilight abode, “Whimsical” bedroom interior designs are comforting, romantic and very pretty.

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Layered fabric bed canopies, tiny sparkling string lights, luxurious comforters and dressing benches at the foot of the bed are a few of the common accents found in Whimsical interior design style.

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Many of these bedroom designs feature pale colors, soft linens and overlapping textiles with a temperate feminine feel.

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But of course, they are not solely for women. Men too, can appreciate the cozy and serene luxury of a Whimsical bedroom design. Designers don’t skimp on the fine details either. Some of which include high thread count sheets, romantic decor such as multi-tiered candles, fluffy rugs and antique traditional dresser and chest sets.

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If you are not a fan of string lights, glamorous chandeliers create a regal ambience and adjustable lamps can direct light for a dimmer, low-light appeal.

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Some designs include both real and faux foliage elegantly placed above the bed canopy or draping along the walls and from the ceiling overhead.

The overall Whimsical interior design style creates elements of fantasy and tranquility with bursts of romantic aura setting the stage for a restful slumber.