Visionary Public Transportation System Designed to Drive Over Traffic

Gyroscopic Transport is an idea unveiled in 2017, by Dahir Insaat, which reimagines public transportation using a singular rail system, which moves above urban traffic in suspended carriages.

Taking this idea to the next level, Insaat conceptualized a new system of second level transportation as a solution to the dense traffic and congestion of cities using pods attached to 6 pillars for more movement. The design is similar to the mechanical crafts with movable legs seen in Star Wars. The difference being that the pillars of this public transportation move simultaneously.

Additionally, this design intends to fit with the already established infrastructure of cities and will move with regular traffic flow mounted on steel rails.

The pillars have their own intelligent drive and sensors with adjustable height to react with the surrounding environment in order to navigate collisons and jams caused by traffic as well as different roadways and intersections depending on shape, size and formation.

Each carriage offers 200 comfortable seats with landing stations similar to train stations or bus stations larger in size similar to airports. The pods feature solar panels on the roof in order to charge batteries, whilst, at stations, a short charge can provide enough energy for the system to travel to the next two stops.