Unique Northern Africa-Inspired Mosaic Digital Bitmap Cooking Apron

Mosaic Black Apron by Zuzunaga padstyle.com
Mosaic Black Apron by Zuzunaga

As more inspiration for great kitchen gifts and personal use continues on, The Mosaic Apron by Zuzunaga is another clever kitchen design with practical use!

The Mosaic Apron is one of the featured items in Zuzunaga’s “Bitmap” Collection. The unusual design draws inspiration from the eye-catching colors and patterns of Northern Africa, passing into Morocco, venturing into bustling Marrakech and the majestic Atlas Mountains. Of course, the name of the collection, “Bitmap” would most definitely spark the ears of programmers, graphic designers and other tech savvy people, it is threefold in its message.

Yes, it does resemble a zoomed in digital bitmap, which shows the number of bits per pixel for a graphic image on a device. However, craftsman in these areas of the world, and many other places which preserve their ancient artistic style, use similar patterns and colors in their designs. Cleverly named Bitmap, it is true to the digital world, aerial photos of landscapes and pays homage to piecing together countries, cultures and our connection with them.

The Mosaic Aprons were created by artist Cristian Zuzunaga and they are made in Portugal. They are also made from high-quality 100% cotton too. They come in several different colors with the same pixel-like mosaic pattern. You can find The Mosaic Aprons here.