Transitional Contemporary Floor Lamp with Built-in Ambient Nightlight: The Deus Ex Machina

The Deus Ex Machina Floor Lamp makes life easier. It brightens your space with a soft radiance emitted from its top bulb encased in an elegant ivory linen shade. Inside of its tall, bold, and rectangular frame is a cut-out opening featuring a nightlight that can be turned on at the same time as its main light source, turned on by itself, or remain completely shut off.

The Deus Ex Machina Floor Lamp is a transitional contemporary floor lamp providing dual lighting in your home featuring a bright main light bulb and an ambient LED nightlight held within its cut-out frame in a unique tubular style |
The Deus Ex Machina Floor Lamp provides dual lighting in your home featuring a bright main light bulb and an ambient LED nightlight within its frame

Its built-in ambient nightlight features a tubular shape, more narrow than the cut-out frame itself. This provides white space around both sides, creating an attractive and artful contemporary style. It also highlights the sharp and symmetrical lines of the large pedestal frame. It serves as a smaller “window” into the bigger picture of the Deus Ex Machina Floor Lamps design.

The nightlight requires an LED nostalgic light bulb, which comes included with the lamp. There is an easy to use 4-way rotary switch on the socket for the convenient change in lighting.

Aside from this dual lighting feature, the lamp itself is made from high quality materials. Its pedestal is made from wood in a dark walnut finish with brushed nickel steel detailing. The base matches the details because it is made from the same brushed nickel steel.

The deus ex machina floor lamp transitional contemporary floor lamp with built-in nightlight
The Deus Ex Machina Floor Lamp

I love the transitional contemporary look of this floor lamp because it has a strong, upright, and poised demeanor. It is clean-cut, symmetrical and offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of style choices to pair with it.

Meanwhile, it produces both functional and aesthetic effects in your space. In your bedroom, it can serve as a nightlight for a calming ambiance or it can be used practically to avoid turning on bright lights when headed to the bathroom in the middle of the night. In your living room, it can also serve as a guiding light on your way to the kitchen or bathroom, if your living room happens to connect with either of them.

Even your study and home office could benefit from this type of double lighting, especially if different forms of lighting improve your concentration and help you to achieve a mental / emotional state more easily. The Deus Ex Machina is a beautiful lamp with a wonderful versatile style for more classic transitional settings and contemporary design motifs. I highly recommend it!