This Multi-Tiered Bookcase is a Solid Stepping Stone to Japanese Modern Brutalist Design

We’ve been loving Japanese modern minimalist style this past year. From its organic forms and smooth lines, textured facades and neutral color palette, there is a right place for one or two pieces of Japanese modern minimalist furniture in your home. Now, we venture into one of the most bold and rustic sides of Japanese Modern design: Japanese Modern Brutalist style featuring the Step Bookcase.

The Step Low Bookcase is a multi-tiered shelving unit rooted in Japanese Modernist style |
The Step Low Bookcase is a multi-tiered shelving unit rooted in Japanese Modernist style

The Step Bookcase is a multi-purpose shelving unit with 2 different sizes to meet your needs. The Step High Bookcase features 5 tiers and the Step Low Bookcase features 3 tiers. Both are made from the same high-quality materials with an earthy stone appearance. They have a chic and chiseled minimalist shape with defined lines and semi-organic form. 

We love its resemblance to classic stone fountains. We imagine streaming water trickling down its cascading tiers into a water basin below. Of course, we don’t recommend actual water going near your cherished new bookcase. Like the Japanese zen masters, we enjoy using imaginative visualization as a stepping stone to good functional design. 

Its sturdy and multi-tiered elongated shelving are created for practical functional use, such as for your entertainment system or library of favorite books. Due to its neutral and versatile gray color, it is also made for displaying your treasured collectibles and other fine artwork, like that crystal vase you bought on your trip to Austria last year, but have had nowhere suitable for it to shine since! 

The Step Bookcase is a breathtaking representation of Japanese modern brutalist design. Some brutalist staples include its full shaded gray palette, elongated slabs made of hardy materials, and of course, it is constructed in a cantilever style. There is no doubt it has a clear-cut brutalist edge.

Its boldly defined rectangular form creates a rustic fortress look, while still maintaining its simple, serene, and earthy feel. Together, they make a solid connection and even better stepping stone toward fundamentals of traditional Japanese modern brutalism.