The Outdoor Architectural and Horticulture Museum of Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, Maine

Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, Maine is an outdoor museum centered in town and blends Colonial, Federal and Georgian architecture with the present day town surrounding it.

The museum consists of 39 restored buildings, some of which are furnished to reflect the time period of when they were built, where visitors can take a tour through them.

The exhibits show the restoration process and the original materials and tools used in their design.

Some residents of the town live on the upper stories of these gorgeous homes.

The grounds are open to the public but the museum closes in the evening. The name Strawberry Banke, derives from the fruit that grew on the banks of the Piscataqua River during the 1600s when the neighborhood was first established.

Aside from exploring the antiquated buildings, the museum also features vast gardens and orchards for guests to learn about the many different plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs brought from overseas and those that grow naturally in the region. Additionally, the museum offers workshops that teach traditional crafts such as weaving and gardening.

You are free to walk the grounds of the museum but you can purchase a two day ticket to explore the many exhibitions and shops the museum has to offer.