The Numbers as Architecture One to Nine ( 1 to 9 )

Inspiration is everywhere especially in some of the images and objects we see and use on a regular basis. Architects and graphic designers use numbers as a way to determine correct angles and proper dimensions. This unit of measurement can be used as both the tool and the inspiration behind the formulation of the creation.

As an artist and engineer, our eyes naturally see the symbols surrounding us, often times, people are unaware or uninterested in noticing the basic shapes and lines that make up our world, especially our man-made works.

Below are a few examples of the way the numbers 1 to 9 influence architecture.

The number 1 – Catholic Cathedrals, Victorian Architecture, Gothic Architecture, Obelisks

“Cleopatras Needle” Obelisk in Central Park NYC
Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy – Gothic Architecture
Victorian Home in Eureka, California

The number 2 – Mughal Architecture like Mosques and Palaces in Persian design, Churches, Baroque architecture

Taj Mahal Mausoleum Mughal Architecture
Baroque Church in Vienna, Austria

The number 3 –  Bridges and Arches in Romanesque architecture

Romanesque Bridge in Spain
Romanesque Notre-Dame la Grande Church in Poitiers, France.

The number 4 – Bridges, Towers, Infrastructure

Eiffel Tower Paris, France

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California

The number 5 – Bridges, Monuments, Houses, Cantilevers, Mid Century Modern, Brutalism Architecture

Mid Century Modern / Brutalism Architecture Home in Chile
Brutalism Architectural Structure in Croatia
Centennial Bridge in Iowa, United States

The number 6 – Geodesic Domes with awning covers and extended front entrances, Country and Colonial Southern with rounded wrap-around porches, roofs and awnings

Country Home with rounded awning and wrap-around porch
Colonial Southern with rounded roof, awning and porch
Geodesic Dome with awning cover and extended entrance

The number 7 – Pyramids, Temples, Bridges, Cantilever Designs, Mid Century Modern, Brutalism, Contemporary and Futurism architecture

Pyramids in Egypt
Brutalism and Modern Building in Madrid Spain
Rio–Antirrio Bridge in Greece
Bridge in São Paulo, Brazil


The number 8 – Multi-level, multi-room geodesic domes, Cathedrals and mosques in Mughal and Baroque architecture

Multi-level, Multi-room Geodesic Dome
Baroque Architecture
Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, England

The number 9 – Multi-level home with geodesic dome upper level, Geodesic domes with basements, Mughal architecture, Contemporary and modern architecture

Multi-Level Geodesic Dome
Taj Mahal Mughal Architecture

The numbers serve as an excellent foundation in architectural design from their infrastructure to their facades, so bust out your ruler and use your imagination!