The MOD Lounger is Perfect Entertainment Seating for Gamers, Netflix Bingers and Relaxed Modernists

From its classic modern molded shape to its poppy vibrant colors, the MOD Lounger is a perfect chair for outdoors, indoors, and everything in-between.

The indoor outdoor MOD Lounger resembles an modern art sculpture when stacked  bauhaus |
The indoor outdoor MOD Lounger resembles a Bauhaus modern art sculpture when stacked

It is made from rotational-molded polyethylene and a #4 recyclable plastic. Its firm, comfortable but best of all, it’s made for adults, teenagers and children alike! 

Its materials make it easy to wipe clean, keeping it pristine and lovely as the first day of its arrival. Naturally, its material is durable enough for outdoor use. It should not be placed it in direct sunlight or in harsh weather conditions for long periods of time. Fortunately, its top features a grip handle and it is lightweight enough to transport both indoors and outdoors with ease. When stacked for quick storage, they resemble an eclectic modern art sculpture, similar to an interesting public art piece you would find outside of a contemporary art museum!

MOD lounger, stackable, indoor and outdoor, low-level, bauhaus style in green color |
The MOD Lounger in green (front view)

At a whopping 32-inches, it is designed to be low to the ground with an ergonomic contouring backrest for lounging around watching your favorite show, a seasonal sporting event, reading a favorite novel, sunbathing poolside, and especially for all you gamer’s out there looking for a new place to let loose on the controllers. 

Although, its curved bottom does not have a FULL-ON rocking functionality, don’t get disappointed! Its balanced build makes it ideal for leaning back-and-forth when you want to stretch out, or in the mood for some light swaying action.

MOD lounger, stackable, indoor and outdoor, low-level, bauhaus style in blue |
The MOD Lounger in blue (side view)

We love its range of colors too. It comes in 6 modern colors. Including blue, green, orange, red, white and black. Mix, match, and stack!

If you are ready for a cool summer chair, (that’ll probably outlast your wood or metal furniture!), you can find the adaptable and fun MOD Lounger here