The Contour Chair With an Unusual & Unique Sled Back Base Design

Created by Bodo Sperlein, the unique Contour Chair was debuted in 2022 at Galerie Philia’s Cabinet de Virtuosites II. It is one of a full collection, yet stands out as the most interesting design. This is largely due to its rare sled back base design. Whereas, most sled base designs are commonly found on each side balancing its seat, the Contour Chair features only one sled base, and it is in the back!

Of course, it is technically a 3-legged design, with 2 other straight legs offering front support. It has a body-cradling backrest with clean curves and a mid-century modern classic fluid line silhouette. In our opinion, it sort of resembles a fancy formal high-heel shoe, which is another reason we can’t help but call out its feminine graceful curves.

Contour Chair by Bodo Sperlein features unique sled base back support  |
Contour Chair by Bodo Sperlein features unique sled base back support

Aside from its appearance, it is expertly built by skilled craftsmen in the UK. It takes one entire week to make a Contour Chair. One factor in its length of time – it is made by individual planks of hand-selected wood for grain consistency. Although it looks similar to some single bentwood designs to the untrained eye, this is produced using several planks of wood. This can add extra strength and optimal stability.

It comes in black walnut, oak, and engineering grade timber. Last but not least, its beech wood option is finished using a Japanese charring technique called Shou Sugi Ban. This technique helps to showcase the woods unique textures and vibrant details.

We love seeing new modern chairs with bold, interesting designs. The Contour Chair is a new kid on the block with a cool base to match its curvy style.