Subtle & Sinister, the Mysterious Poison Ring

There are many intriguing myths and stories behind the infamous poison ring dating back centuries. The sinister lore behind its name “poison ring” is it discreetly could be filled with a poison, whether in powder or liquid form and be quietly giving to the unsuspecting victim without notice.  The lore  is based on the highly prized rings illusive design.

Their outward appearance can come in many varying styles. Silver, gold and brass with gemstones such as lapis or ruby with ornate and lavish designs. However, every poison ring has a hidden latch that when unbuckled reveals a small compartment or bezel either inside or underneath where the poison can be stored.

They became very popular in Europe during the sixteenth century.  For this reason, it is still considered offensive to pour a drink whilst holding the bottle with the back of the hand facing downward.

Today, they are clearly worn solely as a fashionable accessory and they can be used to hold momentos, yet the beauty and the story of their original sinister purpose remains.