Solid Minimalist Tubular Outdoor Wall Light in Sleek Satin Finishes

It isn’t everyday we come across an outdoor wall sconce we love! The Chiasso 5-inch Outdoor Wall Light is a sconce that caught our eye! This sleek and sophisticated wall light is made from solid tubular aluminum. Its clearly versatile due to the minimalist nature of its design.

CO-OWB052 Chiasso 5" Outdoor Wall Light Sold by | padstyle
CO-OWB052 Chiasso 5″ Outdoor Wall Light Sold by

Plus, its material is highly durable and lightweight aluminum preventing damage to any surface its attached to and to be used for long lengths of time.

Its tubular cylindrical shape is open from above and below, creating a well-lit, and yet warm ambiance for your household. Yes, it can also be used both indoors and outdoors as well! Its minimalist design connects square and round shapes to create a super modern light fixture.

It comes with all the hardware needed to securely mount it to your wall or a flat surface. It also comes in 2 different sizes and 3 different finishes, including satin aluminium, textured black or bronze. It only requires (1) 60 watt bulb, which makes it very easy to buy, attach, and begin lighting up your environment!