Sculptural Abstract BUNCH Banana Stand for Your Contemporary Modern Kitchen

Bunch Banana Stand by Bendo
Bunch Banana Stand by Bendo

Abstract sculptural art can now be functional in your kitchen too! These awesomely unique BUNCH Banana Stands by Bendo raise the bar on your average fruit bowl. Bananas grow on trees anyway, right? Now you can swing them from your banana stand like the acrobats they were born to be. They have a minimalist sculptural style in a perfectly neutral and / or metallic color palette of your choice in black, white, gold and chrome.

Using a classic and hardy contemporary material, they are made from strong powder-coated bent steel to make them. Aside from their visual appeal, they hold a functional purpose as well. Your bananas won’t bruise as easily when they are hanging and more air circulation will help them ripen. Plus, this will prevent overripening of other fruit you might have in the same fruit bowl as your bananas.

For those who need as much countertop and workspace as possible in their kitchen, a banana stand will save a bit more on space covering less surface area than a giant fruit bowl would.

BUNCH Banana Stands ship from Australia. Buying as a gift for someone or buying for your own kitchen? You can find them here.