Revamping old wicker

Before you toss that old wicker in the trash or pass up that table set selling for a few dollars at a garage sale based on appearance, you should know that it can look dynamic with minimal effort. Wicker has a long life, sometimes it just needs a little help to be aesthetically-pleasing after a few years.

  • Secure Weak Pieces – If there are any pieces that are weak, secure them using fiberglass packing tape. Then, apply glue over the nail joints and hold splintering pieces together with tightly wrapped fine stainless steel wire.
  • Fix Unraveled Pieces – Brush diluted exterior glue over these pieces to soften them and hold them in place with tape until they dry.
  • Prep – Using an old banister brush, clean away dirt, flaking varnish and old paint. Some parts may even need a bit of attention with fine-grit sandpaper.
  • Paint – Use a self-priming acrylic to paint the wicker. If the piece is super old and extra dry, use two coats. This will give the wicker more stability and strength.

You can find old wicker anywhere that can be made to look brilliant with a little effort. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, these are classic pieces that will never go out of style! They’re not only perfect for your deck or patio area, they’re ideal for entryways, a child’s room, reading room, basement or anywhere else you want to add a little color.