Prague Bistro Uses Simple Wood Surface to Separate Single Room Restaurant

Pipca, a street food bistro in Prague, consists of a single room separated by one simple, industrial style, wooden island. The island serves as both a divider and a working surface separating the kitchen and the dining area.

Solid oak beams, used for the divider and other interior parts, come from a more than 100 year-old mill house. Boundaries between the chefs, waiters and diners is virtually nonexistent.

The interior blends industrial, rustic contemporary with mid-century modern style. The brick walls with worn painting, steel structures and concrete floor give it that warehouse environment. On the other hand, white hexagon tiling, leather upholstered benches and oak wood bring the charm of mid-century modern design into the mix.

A neon orange signboard with the name of the restaurant and their logo of a chicken stands out amongst the neutral and organic color palette, the typography used literally resembling “chicken scratch.”

The restaurant offers an intimate feel due to its compact space with rustic charm and repurposed furnishings giving it that larger than life industrial feel.