Portable and Compact “Floating Lamp” for Multiple Uses like Poolside and Dining

The Italian-made Float Table Lamp by Mario Alessani for Axolight is a unique take on the traditional, half-circle, lamp shade design.

Float, the convertible portable lamp by Mario Alessiani for Axolight - padstyle

It is multi-functional and battery powered, working more like a light source than solely a lamp shade. The style of the shade is futuristic and minimal. It resembles a tiny space-like pod making it sleek, chic and contemporary.

Portable Lamp - Float by Mario Alessiani from Axolight padstyle

It can be used both indoors and outdoors with water resistance and combined aluminum, stainless steel body. The best part is its portable capability, it can be used poolside, as a floor lamp, as a light source for camping or placed atop of any stem-like surface. It can even be suspended from above as a pendant light.

It has a 9-hour battery life, can be quickly and easily recharged and features a 5-setting dimmer. It is slightly larger than the rim of a traditional wine glass, highlighting its compact and portable feature. Unlike traditional lamps, it requires no light bulb or shade. Not into plain black and white? It also pastel blue, pink and green.