Pop Art Geometric Design for Skatepark in France

If street art had a sport, skating would definitely be it. “La Condition Publique,” former wool storage facility in France turned skatepark combines the bright colors used in graffiti with the geometric shapes used in other modern forms of art including cubism and neoplasticism.

Yinka Ilori drenches Roubaix's skatepark in fluorescent paint - padstyle

Designed by Yinka Ilori, “Colorama,” the indoor skatepark brings together a community of skaters using inspiration from the art found on skateboards, on the walls of city buildings and the functional needs of skaters. A playful checkerboard pattern is painted directly onto several walls as a upper trim and solid multi-toned color covers the bannisters of the park.

Yinka Ilori creates "joy and excitement" with colourful skate park padstyle

Skate park necessities are built into the design, containing 2 corner quarter pipes with banded ends, 1 hybrid module and a volcano ramp.

New Colourful Skate Park in Lille padstyle

They are colored with bright hues reminiscent of a pop art comic book or a television kids cartoon. The obstacle courses throughout the space are made of FSC certified recycled paper paying homage to the new eco-conscious lifestyle of today’s youth.

Yinka Ilori drenches Roubaix's skatepark in fluorescent paint padstyle

The radiant geometric forms and the overall layout of the park create a unique space for riders and community to come together and enjoy their favorite rogue sport.