Origins: Newspapers

Did you know that the Newspaper was once the News stone?
In ancient rome, official government messages or announcements were inscribed in stone or metal and presented before the town square for all to read.

During the Han Dynasty in China, The use of wooden blocks were used to send and receive messages of importance to townships, known as the Dibao. As time went on in the Han Dynasty, the creation of the Kaiyuan za Bao, the bulletin of the court,  called for the use of silk among written messages.
In the need for cross border communication, the implementation of avvisi took hold. Avvisi in Italian translates to warning or notice. Avvisi were written notes to individuals that were very direct and simple statements. To convey what was needed to be said, typically to speak of what the rival and allied courts were discussing.

In 1556, Venice governments published the first Notizie Scritte which cost one gazzetta. These first newspapers were used to spread the knowledge of military, political and economic news. As the printing press came to fruition, the mass production of the commonly known newspapers followed in suit.
Today, news is spread in an assortment of ways and the legitimacy of most news is questioned because nowadays with the increase of satirically driven writing, sources for  information are paramount!