Origins: Glass

Glass has been a widely used material since the dawn of time, in this edition of Origins by Inmod, we will jump into the past, yet again, to discuss the many different aspects of glass!
Archaeologist believe that the first use of glass started in either ancient Syrian, Egyptian or Mesopotamian civilization. The first initial glass objects were said to be glass beads. Specialists say that these glass beads could have been created accidentally as the by-product of certain metal works or ancient Egyptian ceramics. With the cultural collapse in the late bronze era, the production of glass came to an abrupt halt.

In 4th and 5th century, christian churches began adopting the use of stained glass aesthetic windows. These colored window panes, framed in wood, depicted stories of the church and key moments in the eyes of christian belief. In early Roman and gothic times, as architecture bloomed, as did the size of the windows. Specifically, Cathedrals began to demand vast window panes. The Canterbury Cathedral was one of the first in adapting stained glass to their windows.

In nature, in very limited sources, there exists a volcanic glass, known as Obsidian that was originally founded in Ethiopia by Obsidius, a roman explorer. Obsidian is the result of lava rapidly cooling. Obsidian has been used since the Levant times, as early as 12,500 B.C, to create tools and larger pieces were fractured to make arrow heads.

Today, Glass is used for everything, from mirrors to windows of all kinds. Recently, innovative designers of innovative glass corp have designed remote operated privacy dimming settings for windows in commercial size buildings! In the advancements of technology we continuously move forward to new frontiers!

This has been another edition of Origins by Inmod, until next time!

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