Open Courtyard Andalusian Patio Style Spanish Architecture Takes Communal Living to New Depths

This communal style of architecture is called the Andalusian Patio. It is similar to the Roman atrium, however, its central open courtyard adjoined and encircled by rooms within the home originated in the South of Spain.

popular Andalusian Courtyard Style with Ample Foliage and Arching Doorways |
Andalusian Courtyard Style with Ample Foliage and Arching Doorways

South of Spain Andalusian Patio style features a central open court yard within the homes interior. Each style is a little different, but for the ones we are discussing in this post, many if not all rooms, including personal bedrooms, has a door that individually opens up to the central courtyard. 

It is also ccommon for main communal rooms of the home, such as kitchens and bathrooms, to open up to the inner courtyard as well. 

The courtyard itself can have a variety of uses. Some of these include outdoor dining, lounge area, gardens,sculptures and decorative water fountains. Others will include religious altars for a central place to come together to pray, for holidays, or to conduct religious affairs. It is both a place to entertain and to be alone to experience nature inside of the home without ever having to leave it. The idea is to bring the “garden of paradise” to you and within the heart of your home.

Viewed from the outside, the facade of the home appears circular in shape. The courtyard itself is not visible to the road. This makes this style of architecture both an intimate and thoughtful design perfect for nature lovers, close families, stay-cation guests, visitors and housemate scenarios. 

Aside from its communal central courtyard, Andalusian homes often have only one floor. Variations include 2 or 3 floors with unique staircases and overlooking balconies. 

Many of the architectural styles found in Mesoamerican regions such as in Mexico and South American blend their cultural architectural styles with this classic Spanish architecture. This is why you will find homes eager to replicate the Andalusian style with a blend of all 3 cultural styles, especially in the Southwest, United States.

This architectural style traditionally uses a general neutral color palette with frescoes, intricate detailing, unique patterns and vibrant colors throughout its fixtures, frames, awnings, and many of its refined architectural detailing. Gorgeous hanging plants, robust water fountains, beautiful tile work, prized pottery, marble medallions, one-of-a-kind pieces, cherished souvenirs and artful staples representing the area or country celebrating culture, and hand-selected artwork from around the world.

A communal courtyard architectural style is a perfect representation of the importance of a central family, which is held highly in many Spanish and Mesoamerican cultures. It also brings forth the cherished view of nature. We love its intimate connection to nature and the ability to always have an outdoor space to reside in. For nature lovers and architectural enthusiasts like we are, Andalusian Patios are a breath of fresh air!