Nordic Kitchen Timer for the Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Cook

Nordic kitchen timer sold by danish designer eva solo
Nordic Kitchen Timer by Eva Solo

This season for gift giving has begun! Whether it’s a gift for someone else’s kitchen or even as a new tool for your own kitchen, this stylish Nordic Kitchen Timer by Eva Solo will make it easy to keep track of cooking and baking times for upcoming holidays and homecooked meals all year around.

Scandinavian style emphasizes organic form with mixed materials, especially wood. For those who love every detail of their kitchens to reflect their style, it is the perfect kitchen timer for a Nordic, mid-century modern, ultra-contemporary or minimalist space. It is made from real oak wood with a beautiful neutral color palette, making a clear distinction between its top and bottom. Its black painted wood bottom and clear natural grain finished oak is a sophisticated design with practical and functional use.

It also has a non-slip rubber base for a variety of countertops and worktop areas. Each wood grain pattern is a little different, with natural variations making it one-of-a-kind. It does need some care and maintenance as any living and organic material made furnishing, decor or appliance does. It is recommended to oil it regularly to preserve the wood. If it begins to feel rough overtime, you can sand down its dry surface using very fine sandpaper. Be sure to oil it after sanding to continue to preserve its quality and condition.

The Nordic Kitchen timer by Eva Solo is new take on an easy to use, age old timer using classic Nordic design principles.