New Mid-Century Modern Electric Scooter Carved from Chestnut Wood

Just because you have a hard time getting around, doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. Meet the ILY-Ai, an electric scooter, carved from chestnut wood, designed for the elderly or those who have trouble moving around.

ILY-Ai wooden electric scooter mid-century modern scooter

Traditionally, metallic personal mobile vehicles are used when getting to your destination. Created by Mikiya Kobayashi, Aisin and Karimoku, this sit-down scooter looks more like the minimalist concepts derived from the late great Scandinavian mid-century modern furnishings. These designs are forever gracing the homes and the businesses of those who love the raw appeal of wood combined with functionality.

ily-ai modern minimalist electric scooter minimalism scotter modern scooter

This modern electric scooter features a sleek, organic form accented the elegant curves of its chestnut wooden frame. Of course, it is not an electric scooter made entirely of wood! It combines aluminum, padded leather and high-tech features. One of its most astounding features is a safety sensor seamlessly hidden near the footrest, which stops the scooter if there are any obstacles in the way.

ily-ai modern minimalist electric scooter minimalism scotter modern scooter

Aside from its naturally minimalist aesthetic and wide-ranging appeal, manufacturers ensured the padded leather seat and the handles provide optimal comfort to users.

For those who need their scooter handy even when in their home, the ILY-Ai will blend in like a new modern furnishing without any eyesores involved!