Music Venue Radio Bean Uses Alternative & Rustic Contemporary Design

Radio Bean, a restaurant, bar and music venue located in Burlington, VT has a unique interior design theme with exposed brick walls, rustic furniture, vintage lighting and modern artwork nestled in almost every corner of the building.

The venue features two entrances, one entrance brings you directly into the dining area with seating and tables along the sides and in the back of the building. The second entrance brings you directly to the main stage, bar area, dance floor with additional seating for dining and enjoying music.

The design doesn’t follow a specific theme but has it’s own presence featuring dark art and images mixed in with colorful lighting and vintage chic fixtures. The furniture is both rustic contemporary and industrial adding to the grungy urban and grassroots atmosphere.

Where most restaurants and bars have the specials outside on a chalkboard, Radio Bean has a list of the acts featured for the day, week or month, being that there are performances both during the day and at night.

The venue is open to everyone, whether you are stopping in for bite to eat, a drink or to just enjoy the music, it’s completely free and a favorite among locals and visitors in town.