Muddy Waters Contemporary Rustic Coffee Bar in Burlington, Vermont

Muddy Waters located in Burlington, Vermont is a coffee bar and local hangout. The cafe is designed from head to toe in wood and brick with the natural wood grain and raw appeal of the wood used left intact.

The soft yellow lighting of the interior creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. A contemporary-rustic design motif offers a casual setting and allows guests to relax while recharging from their beverages.

Muddy Waters, named after the famous blues singer-songwriter, lets visitors know it also holds live music events. Menu’s are written in decorative font on hanging chalkboards and patrons can help themselves to accoutrements placed off to one side.

Aside from the wooden fixtures and furnishings, modern and contemporary wall art is placed throughout the design. A large, spiral embossed artwork made of natural material by the counter and a metallic art deco piece located to the right of it.

A burlington favorite among residents, the cafe is a wonderful place to grab a morning coffee, smoothie or one of their many pastries.