Month of May 2020: Retro Trends Coming Back in Style

If you’ve ever rummaged through old photographs of your grandparents or even your great grandparents, you may have noticed some differences in their furniture, fashion, jewelry and decor. Some of these retro trends are making a comeback and we want you to know our top picks for the month of May 2020!

Vintage Melmac Dishware

Riviera Ware Melmac Cups and Saucers Multicolor by vintagenancy ...

This dishware was popular from the 1940s into the 1970s. They are made of melamine which is mixed with other components to create a melamine resin. These dishes are extremely lightweight. A popular brand named “Riviera Ware,” comes in array of pastel colors like pistachio green, blush rose and mellow yellow.

Melmac dishware was used for daily dining use. The finer dishware, made of higher quality materials like porcelain, was mainly used for holidays and special events.

Driving Gloves

When Cars Required a Special Wardrobe - Racked

Driving gloves date as far back as the late 1890s. They are made of very thin, flexible and soft leather. Driving gloves were necessary during this time period because most steering were made of metal without being enclosed in protective cases. Drivers wore gloves to protect their hands during the cold winter months and during the hot summer months. Driving gloves helped improve the grip on the steering wheel too.

They come in many different colors and various styles but being made of soft leather was the main feature that lasted.

Retro Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Midcentury modern furniture: Where to buy it - Curbed

The mid-century modern furniture trend seems like it never left from when it first began in the late 1940s. Mid-century modern designs came from places like Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France and the United States. Some designs emphasized beautifully crafted wood furniture, whereas other designs emphasized bright bold colors and organic form.

Both styles are still popular today, but more interior design buffs are gravitating towards the playful designs for touches of creative inspiration throughout their homes and businesses. You might only be able to find an original mid-century modern furnishing in a museum, but you can buy high-quality reproductions of these famous originals from modern furniture retailers.

Black Square Flat Top Sunglasses

Large Retro Black Square Flat Top Aviator Sunglasses

These sunglasses are another take on the original aviator sunglasses first created in the 1930s to protect pilots eyes. The difference being the flat top and thick frame. Additionally, these sunglasses are heavier than the very thin aviator sunglasses. They became popular during the 1960s into the 1970s disco era and later in the 1980s dance music scene. The ones made before the 1990s are better quality, but harder to find. You can find knock-offs of this style from nearly any retro sunglasses retailer.

High Waisted Bathing Suits

Evolution Of Swimwear - From The 1800s Until Today

Bathing suits, bikinis and swimwear has a long history worldwide. Conservative pasts, including laws and religious movements have prevented the showing of too much flesh when on a public beach or at a public pool. The high waisted bathing suit, which became popular in the late 1920s into the 1930s, gave women the opportunity to show more of their legs and waist. This was partly due to sunbathing becoming a new popular pastime.

These high-waisted bathing suits were the beginning of the bikini. We are seeing a comeback in this style for those who want to leave a little more to the imagination.

Vespas and Motor Scooters

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A motor scooter is a miniature motorcycle with a platform for the users feet and a step through frame. Some features of the first scooter date as far back as the early 1900s. The motor scooter first began in Europe, in countries like Germany and Italy. It continued to develop in other parts of the world including the United States during and post WWII. They were designed to provide affordable transportation for those without larger vehicles. They are easy to operate and convenient to park.

A popular brand of scooter called “Vespa,” originated in Italy. Many people know of this brand because they are used frequently in the backroads of Italy. We are seeing a revival of the motor scooter in places like Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California. The various designs and styles range in color, form and size.

Record Players

1950's Voice of Music Tri-O-Matic Record Player - Picture of ...

Originally named a phonograph and then gramophone, the record player was the main device to listen to analog music in the late 1880s until the digital era of music. The sound device was revolutionary at the time of its creation. As sound equipment evolved, there were more devices such as cassette players, CD players and digital MP3s played from laptops, radios and cell phones.

Record players and vinyl records never entirely left the music scene, but they started to make a strong comeback in the 1990s as everyday household items. Today, owning a record player and collecting vinyl records from your favorite artists is the preferred way to listen to sound in many music lovers households.

These retro trends are HOT for the month of May 2020. As we head into the summer months, don’t forget to pop on your vintage sunglasses, throw on your high-waisted bathing suits and ride your motor scooters to the nearest beach for some fun in the sun! Stay on the look-out for June 2020 handpicked retro design trends.