Modern Design: Magis Spun Chair

The Magis Spun Chair is like a life size fidget spinner you can sit in or twirl in – especially if you need a minute or two to get those creative juices moving around again.

These are excellent for spaces and work environments that aspire to facilitate creativity, new concepts and innovations. Perfect seating for brainstorming sessions, collaborative efforts or for solo explorations which may require a few imaginative spins to the system to break up the monotony of the day or if you get stuck on one idea or thought. They would also make great seating for a waiting room or lounge area with enough space to move around in.

The chair uses the force of your gravitational pull to move around. You can shift your weight around and apply different amounts of pressure or tension by flexing your muscles.

Giving you a little work-out while you sit. It does, however, require you to let go and trust you won’t topple over by simply allowing the chair to do its thing.

It gives the user some control but in order to get spinning you have to let go first!

Created by architect and designer Thomas Heatherwick using a rotational molding technique, the chair sort of resembles a spinning top vessel like structure. It is made entirely of polypropylene plastic, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.