Mod Focus: Le Corbusier La Chaise

This week’s mod focus is on the Le Corbusier La Chaise by French-Swiss architect, Le Corbusier. This incredibly renowned chaise was designed in 1929 for the Salon d’ Automne in Paris, France.

Its distinct features such as its bold metal frame, curved backrest and chunky wooden legs perfectly complements its supple leather upholstery. It combines the sleek aesthetic of contemporary design with the versatility of mid-century modern appeal. To some the Le Corbusier La chaise slightly resembles the chair you might lay down on in a doctors or dentists office. While this may not be the most ideal vision for some when they think of comfort, on the contrary, the ergonomic design is built to contour and form with the shape of the body.

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On a foundational level, the chaise comes with elastic bands beneath the foam cushion and an adjustable frame providing impeccable support. Very few contemporary chaise designs can compare to the Le Corbusier La Chaises unmistakable style.

Like several pioneers of modern architecture and design, Le Corbusier’s career spans 5 decades. The Le Corbusier La Chaise has stood the test of time in functionality, style and furniture built with human comfort at the forefront of its creation.

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You can purchase a high quality reproduction of the Le Corbusier La Chaise to experience for yourself its unsurpassed credibility and comfort.