Mango Wood Furniture in New Contemporary Designs

Earthy, rustic furniture has been in style for decades, but many of the most popular styles come from more traditional wood types. Oak, maple, walnut, beech and teak, just to name a few. There is a new kid on the block and yes, as in blocks of wood!

Mango wood is being used in a variety of household furnishings. Mango wood dining chairs, dining tables, accent tables, nightstands, dressers, chests and desks are being crafted in this hardy and sustainably harvested wood.

Mango wood or Mangifera Indica comes from mango trees. These are the same trees that bear that creamy orange-yellow fruit with a mixture of green, yellow and ripe red skin known as mangoes. Although the U.S. no longer receives imported mango fruit from India, we do receive furniture that is made from sustainably harvest mango wood from areas of India.

Mango wood is a hardwood, somewhere between the hardiness of Mahogany and Oak. It is not recommended for outdoor use unless it has an external protection finish, otherwise it is quite water-resistant for outdoor use compared to other types of wood. It will always make excellent indoor furniture. It has a unique patterned wood grain that is a mixture of golden brown to medium brown color when finished in its raw state. Although, there are many beautifully furniture designs in a variety of finishes with mango wood as the foundation.

Modern furniture stores with progressive designs have begun selling furniture made from mango wood in more popular contemporary styles. They have even combined mango wood with real cane sourced from the rattan plant for a truly rustic modern appearance. The possibilities of designs are endless with this new and attractive household wood.