Luxurious Wall Sconce Uses Actual Natural Capiz Shells

Luxurious without being tacky, the Elsa Capiz 8″ Wall Sconce is a beautiful wall sconce using natural capiz shells in its design.

elsa capiz shell wall sconce | padstyle
Elsa Capiz Wall Sconces uses natural capiz shells in its luxurious design

It resembles a hanging chandelier with water-like cascading shells glimmering downwards. However, it is securely wall mounted. Its made from metal with a luminous satin nickel finish for subtle light reflection. Its natural capiz shells also pick up light, creating a light-catching and reflective radiance. Capiz shells comes from the shell of the Placuna placenta mollusk, which is native to the seas of Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia and the Philippines.

elsa capiz shell wall sconce lights up the night with its beautiful natural capiz shell design |
Natural capiz shells used in this luxurious wall sconce – The Elsa Capiz Wall Sconce

The shells have a translucent opaque quality about them. When the bulbs light up it creates a beautiful, almost majestic underwater luminosity. We can see these gracing the interior of an oceanfront beach house in Italy or off the coast of California.