Lowell Street, a Walk Thru Time Capsule

Lowell street is no doubt a ghost street, but fortunately it gets plenty of visitors due to its long block filled with vintage vehicles, classic motorcycles, restored gas pumps, retro signs and antique shops. 

Just around the corner from Old Bisbee, AZ, Lowell is the town next door – the highlight of the town is it’s street where you can drive or take a walk to check out all the cool old buildings and the classically restored items. 

An old gulf and shell station, complete with pumps and large bubble signs placed on top. Take a peek into the windows of the Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycle shops to see classic cycles.

Keep on walking down the block and discover a vintage Chevrolet mechanic, an old pub and pool hall where “libations” are served, Old Lady Pickers antique shop, a large greyhound bus, an old cop car, an old military vehicle and a fire truck straight out of another time period. 

While some of the vehicles and items on the block are restored, their are a few that look like they are just waiting for someone to make a project out of them. Lowell, Arizona is a blast from the past and a modern day collectors daydream.