Light Experimentation: New Unique “Simply Lampes” Series

Simply Lampes, is part of a series by Jean-Baptiste Durand. The series is a trio of lights, created by light experimentation in the designers studio.

“I was interested in how can light be revealed, appear, fade. What does light say, mean or represent,” said Durand.

The first lamp, Lampe Brume, meaning “mist” in French, is “light captured by mist. The light comes to life through this natural reflector, although it is informal and impalpable,” explains Durand.

Durand continues to say, “The peaceful agitation of water becoming mist is set as a chemistry experiment and brings a lively and sweet light at home. At the bottom of the vase made out borosilicate double-wall glass, a nebulizer system turns water into mist.”

The second lamp, Paysage Transparent, meaning “transparent landscape” in French, is a lamp fully made of PMMA, also known as acrylic or acrylic glass, using Lumisheet technology as lighting surface. Lumisheet technology is a different type of LED panels considered to have better adaptability, light distribution and longevity.

“Turned off, PMMA slabs are completely transparent. When switched on, the bumps of micro-machined thread catch the light coming from the LEDs on the edge of the panels,” says Durand.

Durand continues, “A geometric landscape rises from the panels, as if they were lying on a giant rock.”

The last lamp, Soleils, meaning “suns” in French, sets two lights or “suns” on a ring that rotate at 24 hour intervals.

“At 00:01, the two spotlights are at the bottom left of the base. They diffuse a slightly red-tinted light, like a sun at dawn. Through the day, light gets whiter and reaches its zenith at midday. As the days gets closer to the evening, the light turns progressively to a light orange. The spotlights end their cycle at 23:59 and go back to their initial position. And so on…,” explains Durand.

Simply Lampes were showcased during an exhibition in France at Espace Pecquay. A soundtrack for the exhibition was also composed by the designer, as part of the scenography. Three tracks, working independently and as a ensemble; each track facing its lamp. You can hear the tracks here.