LED Patterned Spiral Lights Create Cool Visual Effects

Lighting can completely the change the look and feel of any room – whether that be in your home or business. These LED patterned spiral lights are programmed with 8 different colors in 15 color combinations with 4 different modes including fade, smooth, strobe and flash all within your control.

led lights interior lighting techniques padstyle.com
LED Spiral Pattern Lamps with 8 different colors, 15 different color combinations and 4 different modes

The lights pattern is a multi-dot spiral that surrounds the light fixture which can stand freely or be mounted on your wall or ceiling as a wall sconce or overhead light. However, the LED drivers need to be installed to your household or businesses electricity which comes with an instructional manual for easy installation.

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Remote controlled led spiral lights change colors and modes

Equipped with memory functionality, the lights will stay set to whichever mode was last programmed. Their cylindrical shape and metallic body with a slight sheen is sophisticated and modern. It’s contemporary look matches it’s advanced technology.

led lights interior design techniques padstyle.com
Excellent lighting technique for homes and businesses

They come with a remote controller but can also be operated manually. The different color combinations along with variety of modes can change the ambiance of the atmosphere taking you from warm and romantic to peaceful and relaxed to vibrant and energizing. Set your lighting to your mood or whatever mood you want to create.

led lights interior design techniques padstyle.com
LED patterned wall lamp with remote controller

Imagine a brilliant and colorful spiral completely in your control adorning the walls or ceiling of your bedroom, bathroom or lining the hallways of your home or business.

An innovative and intelligent way to use lighting in your interior design to transform and enhance your home.