Kawaii Meets Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design “Moon Coffee Maker”

Kitchen design is increasing in popularity, and not just the fixtures either. Kitchen decor, appliances and other functional accoutrements are becoming themed – not only based off of quality but aesthetics as well.

moon coffee maker yehuda kawaii design

If you were born in the 80s to the late 90s, maybe you remember Betty Crockers, “Easy Bake Oven.” The tiny oven design was safe for children with supervision featuring an adorably playful design. Israeli-based designer Roee Ben Yehuda has created the “Moon Coffee Maker.” An espresso machine with a similar childlike whimsy to its design.

Somewhere between Japanese Kawaii and Finnish Designer Eero Aarnio style, the design isn’t entirely comical in appearance but has a minimalist sensibility to it. The front-face and side views of the Moon Coffee Maker feature a less industrial edge.

Although it has the same functionalities as a traditional espresso machine. The Moon Coffee Maker can grind whole beans and uses a drip method to make espresso.

Yehuda wanted to make a machine, in this case, a household kitchen appliance, look both “scientific” and “cute” at the same time. .