Jungalow Rainforest Living Room Interior Design

Like stepping into a rainforest, “Jungalows” are a different take on bohemian interior design. With loads of plants and natural fiber furniture, there is a total outdoor-indoor feel happening inside every room in your home.

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Some of the finer points to rainforest interior design style, include hanging swing chairs, unusual chaise loungers and faux or real animal fur throws and rugs. These elements truly give those junglelow vibes.

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Color palettes are typically neutral with colorful splashes strewn about and plenty of greenery from the natural foliage. Although, some designers combine with industrial and farmhouse style.

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Rattan, hemp, raw wood, and wicker furniture is nestled amongst the plant life and organic scenery with textiles, patterns and dynamic layers accentuating the chaotic atmosphere of an Amazonian rainforest.

Even additions of indoor waterfalls and biophilic walls can be present. Creating more elemental symmetry indoors also existing in the world we live in.

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Some designers go as far as only having furniture and decor that is fair trade, sustainably produced and environmentally-friendly.

The jungalow rainforest interior design style is made for the nature lover with touches of rustic-bohemian flair.