Interior Design Furniture Trends Influencing Fashion in 2021

It’s no mystery, popular design trends from architecture and interior design to fashion and decor influence each other every year. We are taking a look at the interior design trends that will influence fashion in 2021.

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Velvet Fabric

Fully upholstered velvet sofas and high-back dining stools are all the rage in home furniture. Now this soft and luxurious fabric is being worn as 3-quarter sleeve dress jackets, casual blazers and semi-formal dress shorts. The colors are similar too! Sapphire blue, coral pink and emerald green.

Vegan Eco-Made

The upholstery and materials go by many names. Whether it is leatherette, sustainably sourced wood or faux fur, vegan eco made furniture is spreading its wings and expanding its horizons into vegan eco-made clothing, sneakers and accessories.

Bold Colorful Patterns

We see them as eclectic, eye-catching wall paper, and customized oven vent hoods. Now they are popping up in full patterned skirts, dresses, shorts and jackets.


The coffee table that serves as an ottoman, the sofa that converts into a daybed, the desk that transforms into a vanity – multi-functionality has been a huge space saver in the world of interior design. Now we are seeing elegant fabrics capable of turning from a night-out-on-the-town skirt to a casual office appropriate romper with just a few folds and tucks.

Wooden Accessories

From all wooden platform beds to modular wood shelving, wood seems to always be in style for interior design. But now, we are seeing it evolve into wooden accessories like jewelry, handbags and even shoes!

Media Entertainment Themes

When we say media entertainment themes, we are taking entire rooms of a house centered around your favorite sports team, your favorite marvel comic and your favorite hobby. This is taking to fashion in a bold way, where entire color palettes and matching accessories are tastefully bringing to life your media favorites.