Interior Design Kitchen Trends 2021

Kitchen trends are a good place to start when redesigning your home for the new year. The cool part about kitchen trends are most of your big bucks go towards kitchen appliances that will last a long time, regardless if the design trends die out. These kitchen design trends for 2021 are a mix of practical and aesthetics into the new year.

Timeless Kitchen Trends That Are Here to Stay | Better Homes & Gardens

Double Islands

Open floor design plans have been popular for the past decade. With the move towards larger kitchens, double islands are becoming popular in 2021. The double island design increases the surface area space in your kitchen for more food prep and eat-in kitchen dining.

Hidden Handles and Appliances

Cabinets, drawers and even appliances in the kitchen are coming with hidden handles that blend one fixture into the next without any protrusions. This is a bold take on minimalism for your kitchen. Even some appliances such as dishwashers and microwaves are seamlessly hidden amidst the different compartments.

Green Fixtures

We are seeing darker shades of green, such as emerald green and forest green, being used on cabinetry and other kitchen fixtures for 2021. This trend gives kitchens a warm, classic feel.

Accent Vent Hoods

Vent hoods are changing their stripes in 2021. The unique trend of using eclectic patterns, tile work and splashes of color different from the walls around it on your ovens vent hood is coming into style.

Gold Finishes

Whether it is your kitchen sink basin, handles on your cabinets or the legs of your island counter stools, gold finishes are popping up in modern kitchens for 2021.

High-tech Kitchens

From leak detection, voice-activated appliance controls, smart technology lighting and hands-free faucets, high-tech kitchens with all the gadgets are taking a tip from the experts in 2021.