Illuminated Hoodoos in Utah Using New Drone Light Tech

Photographers rejoice! Those incredible hoodoos covering the landscapes of Utah and Arizona can be illuminated using drone technology.

Not Your Typical Drone Photography: Light Painting Landscapes with Reuben Wu

Multi-talented photographer, director and music producer, Reuben Wu has found a way show the captivating out-of-this-world naturally eroded landscapes. The series of photographs are called “Light Storm.” Using GPS-activated drones to create a halo effect from above, the amazing formations are capable of being seen and photographed at dusk and fully nighttime. The series is part of a project for clothing brand Vollebak.

Reuben Wu on Behance

The idea was inspired by science fiction, other worlds, and the surreal formations of our planet.

Any photographer who has tried to capture these strange protruding rocks will tell you, it is no easy task without the proper lighting. Fortunately, Reuben Wu has found a way to illuminate them for all to see using advanced technology in a new and artistic way.

Reuben Wu (

“The project is about presenting familiar sights in a new and unfamiliar light, renewing your sense of seeing and the experience of discovery,” says Wu.