HAUS Foldable & Portable Playhouse for Kids

Children’s playhouses can sometimes be completely outdated. Bulky plastic structures in eyesore colors like Barbie pink, Barney Purple and Grover Blue. Some even invoke gender stereotypes based on color mixed with appliances and activities within it. Eventually, many of these playhouses end up in the backyard, collecting debris, dirt, and moldy from being water logged from the weather.

A new modern playhouse called “HAUS” by designer Janos Stone is a foldable, portable playhouse with a unique contemporary and blank canvas functionality into it.

Stone also incorporated Bauhaus style into its design. It encourages exploratory play and imaginative creation. Inspiration came from Stones grandparents, 2 advocates of the Bauhaus movement.

The HAUS playhouse is made from 100% recyclable corrugated plastic. It is delivered in a flat, thin package and it can be assembled and “popped” up within minutes. There are only two pieces to HAUS, which is held together by sticky velcro-like pads. The playhouse is sturdy, durable, colorfast and wipeable.

The HAUS playhouse is designed to remain sturdy and strong. It can also be colored on using markers or paints for your children to make it their own. It is reusable if it is wiped or hosed it down after each use.

This means hours of fun not only playing HAUS but making it their own unique interior and exterior creation. It is one of the first playhouses for kids ever made that is multi-use with a element of Bauhaus style and portability at the forefront of its design.