Granny Chic Grandmillennial Style in 2021

The comfort and nostalgia of your grandparents home is entering into the trendy world of home furniture and decor style in 2021. Minimalism was a strong adversary to this comfy, cozy approach to interior design, but it doesn’t mean it will faze out completely.

What Is 'Grandmillennial' Style? Millennials Meet Granny Chic |®

Granny chic, aka “grandmillennial,” style pays homage to the days where peel and stick wallpaper, crocheted blankets, kitschy trinkets and vintage artwork were a household norm. The smell of homemade bread baking mixed with musty mothballs might not be back in style, but the creature comforts of grannies house are reaching the masses of millennials buying and decorating their own homes to start families in.

The coolest part about granny chic? Tons of furniture stores are selling items with vintage finishes, old school upholsteries, handmade styles and antique looking items to furnish your home with. You don’t have to spend a fortune at an antique store to achieve the grandmillennial style in your home.

In fact, you can blend classic heirlooms given directly from your grandparents home with contemporary, brand new furniture.

This cozy approach to interior design sparks the interest of things from the past combined with the new attitude towards the future.